So in a nutshell, profitable blogging is:

  1. Positioning yourself as an expert while providing value upfront to people
    for free.
  2. Capturing people's interest and attention while giving away quality information.
  3. Allowing for interactions and feedback with your audience using blog comments
  4. Recommending useful products targeted to the audience immediate needs.
  5. Making money from your recommendations

That is what blogging is all about...

Profitable blogging allows you to sell products to a targeted audience without trying to persuade them to buy. They buy because you have demonstrated the value of the product you are offering to their lives without asking for anything in return for the free information.

They buy because you have helped them to realize your product can help them solve their problems.

With a blog and the method described above, you can easily sell massive amounts of any product without forcing or putting in too much effort to convince people to buy any product.

Why Am I Telling You This?

I realized that thousands of Nigerian youths are out there going after the elusive job and many of the unemployed are suffering because they simply do not have the knowledge on how to make a living without a job.

On the other hand, I make millions from the Internet and I know how this is done. It's wickedness to have something that will change the lives of people and you don't share it with others, even if it's for a fee.

The truth is, I can keep the knowledge to myself and continue to enrich myself, but then, my heart goes out to people who are suffering and struggling to put food on the table.

It's a selfish world. The only way to help people is by becoming unselfish with what you know will help people. I mean, I learned what I know from mentors as well, it will be unfair if I don't share it right?

Be rest assured that I'll still be doing well without revealing these secrets. But what's the point? Life is all about fulfilment and deriving joy from what you do, and I derive joy helping people. (I blog teaching people how to blog and make a decent living online)

Now that I have got that out of the way.

Practical Facts Of My Blogging Business

Let's get practical to how I achieve this, I mean how I'm able to pull in a 7 figure per month income. I mean I bring in roughly N1.5million every month from all my blogs. Over 90% of that money is pure profit.

How did I do it?

One of the major networks I use to gain buyers for my products is Facebook. Yes, I advertise on Facebook regularly. I also use Google Adwords.

Here is a screen capture of a total $8,649.48 spent in advert fees over a period of time. Add the figures you see below, you will arrive at the above figure. $8,649.48 is roughly N1.4million in Advert fee ($8649.48 x N160 = N1,383.916.80)

One of the markets where I thrive and make good money from among my 3 blogs is in the Health and Fitness niche. I mean that niche has over 100 sub niches you may also serve.

I spend around $0.01 to $0.03 for each click on my adverts. That is very cheap compared to what is obtainable outside on other networks such as and Ad Dynamo. See one of my LIVE Facebook advert campaign account below.

The most important thing I have done with my blogs overtime is to build a newsletter email list. Yes, I build email lists of readers who are interested to learn from me using my blogs.

I started actively building a new list 3 years ago, that is from 2010. As at the time this page was written, I have managed to build my readers to an audience of almost 85,000 Nigerians who eagerly wait to read from my different newsletters.

I continue to get an average of 100 subscribers per day from the free articles published on my blogs through word of mouth referrals.

These people overtime have learned to trust and like me because of the value I have given in my 3 different businesses that are respectively powered with simple blogs.

Here is a screen capture of my Aweber email management autoresponder software where these email list is stored.

I have a lot more to share with you as regards how I have managed to use simple blogs to build a N15 Million naira a year business online. A business anyone irrespective of where they are coming from can replicate and be as successful as I'm or even more than I do.

Interestingly, anyone can do it;

  • A stay at home mum can do it

  • An unemployed graduate can do it

  • A worker who wants a secondary income can do it

  • Anybody who can read, write and browse the internet can do it

However, I can not share everything I know on this page because this is a public page and not everyone will be willing to learn.

So if you are interested to learn how to start making N150,000 to N400,000 or more monthly online like I do, I invite you to read all my upcoming online newsletters which is devoted exclusively for the purpose of teaching you how to blog profitably.

I will be revealing "unknown" online marketing secrets that only privileged top marketers have access to in the privacy of your email inbox, and the exact same secrets top bloggers use to dominate any market and make a decent living working from the comforts of their home.

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