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The Total Income For December 2011 Amounts To
N444,550 Only!

See Income Statement Below For Full Details.

Note: Names of customers have been blurred for privacy reasons. Income statements on this page are exceptional cases and are not typical. You are responsible for your own results.


 Total = N37,200 (N4500, N4900 not shown)


Total = N34,400 (N3500 not shown )


 Total = N43,100 (N6000x2, N4500 not shown)


 Total = N52,500 (N4500x2, N6000 not shown)


Total = N43,000 (N6000x2, N4500 not shown )


 Total =N55,650 (N4500,N6000,N3500 not shown)


Total = N71,100 (N3,600, N13,750 not shown )


 Total = N83,600 (N13,750x2, N4500x2 not shown)


  Total = N24,000 (N4500x2 not shown)


Total December 2011 Income = N444,550


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