Income Proof of N304,500 Earned In
Just 5 Consecutive Working Days Before
The 2012 EASTER Break!

Income Made Between April 2nd - April 5th, 2012

Please See Bank Statements Below For Proofs

Note: Names of customers have been blurred for privacy reasons. Income statements on this page are exceptional cases and are not typical. You are responsible for your own results.


April 2nd income = N28,000


Continue April 2nd income = N23,000


 April 3rd income = N38,000


April 3rd & 4th income = N18,000



April 4th income = N37,500



April 5th income = N15,000


Continue April 5th income = N37,000




 Still Continue April 5th income = N15,000


  Again, Still Continue April 5th income = N38,500


Wow, Still Continue April 5th income = N34,500


April 10th income = N18,000


Total 5 - Day Income  = N304,500


All Income Is Made Selling Simple Information e-books Via Blogging!