“How To Create A N1Million Naira (or More)
Per Month Business Working From Your Home, Part-Time, Starting With Nothing But An Internet Connection, A Blog and A Simple Idea


How Joe Okoro, A Former Broke Secondary School Teacher, Who Earned
Only =N=8,200 Per Month As A Secondary School Teacher Broke the Chains of
Poverty By Discovering A Startling New Business That Now Makes Him Far
More Money Than He Ever Believed Was Ever Possible


Dear Friend,

If you have dreamed for months or even years about starting your own successful business and you didn’t know how to do it to succeed, then this will be the most important message you will ever read.

Here’s why:

I run a peculiar business which has taken me from the clutches of poverty to millionaire status.

Infact last month my business made me

An Extra =N=1,600,000 Million Naira!

And I tell you. It didn’t happen because I was smart, or better educated, or more privileged (I certainly wasn’t).

Let me tell you the whole story.

My name is Joe Okoro and 10 years ago (that’s 2003), my monthly salary as a Secondary School Teacher was a whopping =N=8,200!

To say the obvious,

Life Was Tough!

I was living from hand to mouth on a very small budget and I dreaded having any major health challenge because there clearly wasn’t any money for that anywhere. Recreation? That was a luxury I couldn't afford at the time.

To make ends meet, I decided to start my own business!

Of course I didn’t have any money to start so I got sucked into what I considered a safe bet business, network marketing, then internet marketing, all kinds of businesses..

Fast forward many months later, I had spent over $2,000 and yet was no nearer to my goal of earning a significant income. In fact, I was even poorer than I started, wobbling and fumbling… with each passing day, I became more desperate.

Searching, browsing online, asking questions online. Then one day, I met a man who

Changed My Life!

This man who eventually became one of my mentors, I knew he was successful because I saw his posting of his results and achievements in business.

So I asked him this question:

"What is the secret to your success?"

His answer was in this exact statement:

"There’s a proven system that makes you money all the time and will continue to work even in a 100 years. Here it is:

If you want to make money online, start a content website (possibly a blog), regularly publish on it, build an email newsletter list as you publish, ask them what their problems are, source for the products and sell to your readers, continue publishing, continue building your readership, and you will never worry about money"

A few days later when we got talking again, he added:

"When you publish, you must publish valuable and useful information that your readers will benefit from for FREE, when you do this for a while, you will eventually become an authority and the "Go To Guy" whenever anyone of them have problems"

So I started following my mentor’s advice.

I bought some of his training courses, registered a blog (like he told me to do) and applied what he taught me. Soon I was making money!

And I admit, initially it was small, but as my newsletter email list size grew, so did my income, credibility, and my value in the market place skyrocketed.

Since then, I have gone ahead to quit my job, and create few online businesses in different markets using the exact same principles to make millions every year.

Now I’m my own boss, work whenever I want, however long I want.

I no longer have a date with poverty and even if everything I have is taken away from me today, I know exactly what to do to…

Make It All Back In One Month!

Now, let's talk about you. I obviously don’t know you down to an intimate level. Maybe your story is just like mine. Maybe you’re working at a job, you don’t want to quit but you would like to make an extra income. Maybe you want to be free from a 9 -5 job and stay home with your children.

Whatever your dream is, I can show you

How To Make That Dream Come True

I can show you:

  • How to work only two hours per day from home while watching DSTV the rest of the day and still make more money than most oil company workers
  • How to automatically generate 3-5 times your current monthly salary without quitting your present job if you don’t want to
  • How to create a part-time business system using the simplest of tools that generate amazing income so you can buy yourself time and money freedom

If all of this sounds impossible, here’s my earnings from the month of April 2013

Click Here To See My Income Statement of N1,590,550 Earned Blogging!
(Opens In A New Page As Bank Statement Is An Entire Page)

How did I do this, you ask?


The “Advanced Virtual
Blog Training Workshop”



The “Advanced Virtual Blog Training Workshop” is a 13 Weeks ONLINE course which will take you by the hand and teach you step-by-step how to start a part-time internet-based business using simple blogs.

Here’s the content of the workshop:

Module 1, Week One:
Market Research And Analysis - Finding Your Audience


How to do an in-depth research and find out niche markets that you can function in and do very well.


Module 2, Week Two:
Professional Blog Set Up Process


How to use the WordPress platform to set up a blog, including how to get and install free professional themes, and customization for your blog. Make your blog  search engine friendly, and settings to enhance friendly web experience.


Module 3, Week Three:

Posting Contents On Blog


How to post articles on your blog. How to create Pages, how to upload images, and include hyperlinks to your blog.


Module 4, Week Four 4.

How To Research And Write Award Winning Blog Articles


The research processes to write and launch classic articles that will have your readers AWED at your content and clinging on every word from you. This article  writing process will make your readers open and read every email you send out.


Module 5, Week Five:

Tools To Automate Social Sharing Of Your Articles


How to embed social media sharing tools (apps) on your website and automate sharing of your contents with people who are targeted to your content. Just like a tell a friend. This method alone adds 1000 people to my list for free every month without advertising.


Module 6, Week Six:

Setting Up Your Email Management Software


How To Set Up An Email Autoresponder System to automate all your email follow ups. Including queue up messages for broadcast, and adding follow up automated emails.


Module 7, Week Seven;

How To Use Stories To Build Relationships, Sell Your products, all automated in your email Autoresponder follow up 


Discover how to use email stories to engage and build a solid relationship with your readers, without selling to them all the time.


Module 8, Week Eight:

How To Create Simple Information Products


Discover Amazing ways to create simple 15 - 25 page information reports that you  can sell for N2500 - N4000. Including how to convert to PDF using free software  online.


Module 9, Week Nine:

Setting Up A Simple Mini Website To Sell Your Products


Find out how to use FrontPage to set up a simple one page website to sell your product in 30 minutes or less.


Module 10, Week Ten:

What To Write On Your Sales Page To Sell Your Products


A simple plan on how to structure what to write on your sales page with all the contents you need to get your readers to rush your product. Included is also how to get testimonials for your product. 


Module 11, Week Eleven:

How To Set Up Successful Adverts On Facebook.


Discover the exact types of adverts that bring in 600 - 850 subscribers per day on Facebook, Adwords etc. Including how to pay $0.01 - $0.02 per targeted click.


Module 12, Week Twelve:

List-Building Course


How to find and build a targeted list of fans and most importantly buyers who will spread the word about your business and buy from you anytime you make them an offer.


BONUS Module, Week Thirteen:

Monetising Your Lists And Making HUGE Pay Days Per Month!


Discover tricks I use to increase my earnings and have huge pay days and weeks that bring in a quick cash rush of N300,000 - N800,000 every month from "Mini - Promotions"


So that in a nutshell is a breakdown of what I will show you in the coming weeks.

When You Sign Up, Every Week You Get…

A Video,                A PDF and              An Assignment 



Why have we arranged it so?


It’s to your own benefit!

Instead of putting everything together and dumping it on you all at once which may confuse you (and there’s a lot that will confuse you in learning this business if you’re new), I decided to simply show you what to do, one step at a time.

You do the first thing this week, then next week, you do the second thing, third week the third thing and so on…

So week, by week, you do one activity that takes you surely and steadily towards your desired goal, with full confidence that you will get the result you are looking for.

Now I Know That You May Be Thinking…

“Well, Joe, that’s all fine and good for you to say. You make all this money and I believe it. But how am I to know that you weren’t just lucky. Who else have you shown how to do this apart from yourself?”


I Have Proof!

Here’s what people who have been influenced by my teaching and impact over the last 10 years have to say…

Truth Be Told:

If you want to make BIG Bucks (NOTE: BIG) doing business online and you are not listening to what Joe Okoro has to say, you are making a deadly mistake.


Personally, I have known Joe Okoro since 2009 and apart from the fact that I have learnt a lot from him, he has also helped me to make a lot of money directly close to N2 million.

There are a lot of internet business teachers out there but if you are looking for someone who produces BIG result, Joe is definitely ONE of the best In Nigeria.

Toyin Omotoso


Joe, you have been an inspiration for years. Yours was the first Nigeria-owned online business I ever saw, and I have followed your achievements, watching firsthand, seeing your results.

Getting to work with you is a dream come true. I hope other people will see a unique opportunity to work with you and grab it while it’s still available.

Ronald Nzimora
CEO, Profit Marketing Systems Limited


Joe Okoro is one man that I have never seen physically with my
two eyes since 2010 who has been exceptionally honest. If not that he's a man, I would have called him a god!

Why did I say so?

I said so because when he says he will deliver, he impresses you
beyond your expectations. He is faithful! I really don't know how he does that! He has a keen understanding of his fellow man's basic problems & needs.

He doesn't even in the remotest of ways, force people to buy his products instead he give them reasons they should make a plausible decision and his reasons are always clear and stare them in the face.

He is so generous with his knowledge that he gives out so many valuable pieces of information that I wondered if there's any meat left, but before you could say "Joe" there comes a fatty info product designed to give the best to any who had it or is willing to have it.

Also he (Joe) has infused much confidence in me that I see him as the man living next door that I could just knock on his door anytime and ask: "plz can u help me with a cup of milk?" and he'd say, "here is it, dear friend & be well".

Joe beyond doubt, knows his onus.

Timothy Nnamani Anike
Monitoring & Evaluation Integration Consultant
Myriad & Plethora Limited
Gbagada, Lagos State


I have known Joe for over a year now even though we never met. We have done businesses together online and one very important thing about this guy is that; Joe Okoro is a very trust worthy person. I can say that anywhere, any time.

He lives by what he says and I tell you, you can hold him by
his words. I trust him to deliver and I can easily recommend

If you are still doubting if to register for his blog training
or not, I trust you might be paying a higher price the following
week. A single decision can make you bid bye bye to lack and broke!

This blog Training is going to be a life changer for someone…
... I hope it’s you!

Abiodun Romiluyi
Website Developer & CEO
Romvic Technologies


Since 2007, I have been searching for a reliable online business. I have spent money buying e-books and CDs on Forex, Paid Survey, Data Entry, Information Marketing, to mention but a few.

All of the people peddling these solutions must always have something to tell you but certainly not something practical or easy to implement. I later discovered that those were only marketing e-materials they themselves have not tried at all.

Just early last year, I was introduced to Joe Okoro's Online Blog Training. At first, I thought it’s going to be like one of those past unfulfilled promises but I was disappointed, for I received a very unique 10 weeks long training from a tutor who was not only teaching what he does for a living, but also very truthful to his claims and incredibly dedicated to his students.

Joe, your kinds are rare! Please keep it up for your name
will be indelibly written in the success stories of many.

For those who are still doubting ‘Thomases’, my clear word
to you is: ‘You are taking no risk by subscribing to any of
Joe Okoro’s trainings or products.

Though just starting up, I have been handed all I need to
succeed by Joe and I can say that my success in online
business is now in my hands.

Joseph Oguntola
08096940594, 08038310923


Joe Okoro is a Best Seller anytime, and a Master Teacher any day. He gave me the opportunity to pick his brain, and now I'm grateful to him for my numerous successes with my Information Marketing businesses.

Last week alone, I was able to generate over N700,000 in commission selling other people's products (Tiles & Sanitary Wares) in Nigeria.

Thank you Joe for opening my eyes to limitless possibilities around me.



Kenny Adekoya
CEO, MultiSeed Integrated Services Ltd, Lagos


Joe, I went through your Blog Training Videos extensively and all I can say is, this is the most detailed training you have EVER put together specifically regarding how to make money online right here in Nigeria using blogs.

Although I'm a seasoned 6-figure income blogger but I was still able to learn a few success tips I have implemented on my own blog.

The Online Blog Training program goes over ALL the methods that I know to make real money online from blogs and its a must-have for anyone wishing to become a successful 5-6 figure per month income earner.

Onome Maureen
aka Nigeria's #1 Info-marketing Queen


Joe Okoro’s BLOGGING CASH SYSTEM provided me with a step-by-step blueprint for setting up my first Blog - from choosing a topic, to research and actual installation.

Joe has also proven himself as an Internet Marketing Guru and generously adds on various high – value bonuses.

I have no doubt that his present Online Blog Training will uncover money-making secrets for a lifestyle of fulfillment.

To your Exponential Success!

Fayo Williams
CEO, www.awesomebiztips.com
Managing Consultant, www.simplyexponential.com


I have personally benefited from Joe Okoro’s products and seminars. Without them I would not have had the courage to venture into website design, and e-commerce.

Everyone who is serious about doing legitimate business on the Internet is advised to take advantage of these his breakthrough methods.

His Online Training ranks amongst the best I have ever come across. (And I have really come across quite so many.)

Whatever product from his stable is highly recommended to anyone who wants to make a living online.



Dr. (Barrister) Ngozi Chianakwalam;



Hello Joe

I have been following you all this while and I must say you know what you are doing.

I too have been trying to succeed in this online network marketing thing for some time now but with less success. I have built quite a few sites and blogs and sold quite a few products and services but honestly your knowledge beats mine hands down.

I truly consider you to be a mentor and now I am willing to learn from you....especially on issues that has to do with web designing...blogging...and email marketing, etc.

Daniel Okpara

Wouldn’t you like to have the same success as they do?

Who wouldn’t?

Here’s How to enrol for the Advanced Virtual Blog Training Workshop.

Your investment for admission into the online workshop is a small =N=12,500. This will go up to =N=15,000 after one week, and then =N=17,500 at the start of the third week.

Immediately the third week ends, the class will close and there will be no further admissions.

If you delay, you lose.

Why =N=12,500?

If you do attend a seminar on this topic, you could easily pay only =N=5,000 but two things will happen:

1. You will be there with 100 other people struggling to hear what the speaker is saying, and you will not.

What’s more?

Most of the speakers who charge =N=5,000 for their “trainings” are what I call "pretend experts". Pretend experts are people who claim to know what they are teaching, yet cannot even explain anything in depth because they don’t know!

Most importantly, there’s hardly anything you can learn in a one-day seminar because there’s no time! When you attend a seminar like that, nothing is explained in detail, and you will be with more questions than answers and feeling bad that your money has been wasted.

2. The “Advanced Virtual Blog Training Workshop” is for 13 FULL weeks. It’s like one in-depth seminar per week for 13 weeks! Imagine if you were paying =N=5,000 per week for 13 weeks, it would have cost you at least =N=65,000!

I could have charged exactly that amount, =N=65,000 and still have you get it. But I’m letting you just sign up for only =N=12,500, meaning you enjoy…

A Savings of =N= 52,500!

Think about that.

Would you rather spend your money to fail or invest it to succeed? I know you’re smart and will choose the later option. So the ball is in your court.

If you want to go waste your time, go on ahead. Go for the =N=5,000 seminars.

If you’re serious about building a real business, and learn from a real expert, enrol for this course right now!

And to show you I have every confidence that your enrolling for this course is the best decision you’ll ever make this year, I’m going to put my money where my mouth is by giving you…

A Never-Before-Seen “Double-Your-Money-Back” Guarantee

Here’s what my double-your-money-back guarantee means.

I want you to go ahead and enrol for this course. Try it out for the first three weeks if at the end of the third week, you do not feel that what you have learnt up to that point will benefit your life in any way, if you think that it won’t add even one extra kobo into your life, simply let me know before the end of that week and I will not only refund your payment IN FULL, I will also give you pay you an extra 100% of what you paid, just to say “Sorry for wasting your time”.

That’s how confident I am that this course can change your finances.

So don’t waste any more time...

Here is your membership access registration procedure...

Here’s How To Enrol for The Course Now!

To take advantage of this Blog Training, walk into any GTBank or UBA PLC branch in Nigeria and pay in the sum of N12,500 (Virtual Blog Workshop Registration Fee) using the bank details below:

Bank Name - GTBank
Account Name - Shield Marketing Solution
Account Number - 011-421-9139

Bank Name - UBA
Account Name - Shield Marketing Solution
Account Number - 101-210-8959

Note: You may also do online transfers using online banking transfers or Mobile money services.

After making the payment, make sure you send us your payment details to sales(at)shieldmarketing.info, replace (at) with @. The subject of the email should be "Virtual Blog Training Fee".

The payment details you are to send are:

Your Full Name.
Teller number
Amount paid
Your Phone Number.
Your email address
Date of payment
Bank Account Paid Into (GTB or UBA).

Once your payment is confirmed, you will get the first week training within the next 24 hours in your email box.


Are You Still Thinking About Joining?

Look you never know what may happen tomorrow:

If you have a job now, you could be retrenched tomorrow. I mean I don’t pray you get retrenched, but because you and I know that in life, nothing is guaranteed and nothing last forever, if it happens what will you do then?

How will you take care of your family? How will you pay your bills? Without another source of income, you are going to

Be In Trouble!

So the wise thing now. Enrol for the “Advanced Virtual Blog Training Workshop” now and create a different, steady guaranteed source of income. One you can control.

Your destiny is on your hands. Seize it!

Sincerely yours,

Joe Okoro

Call us on 08072745629, 08020945882
(10am - 4pm Mon-Fri Only)

P.S. Remember my double-your-money-back guarantee. If by the third week you decide this training cannot help you add even an extra kobo into your pocket, or bank account, then simply let me know and I will pay you back double what you paid to join!